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This website was developed by LiTHe®  and uses the N2 CMS (content management system) resulting in a custom solution for the Australian String Quartet.

LiTHe® are based in Adelaide and work with marketing and communications teams and creative and advertising agencies to provide a full range of online services. Their offering includes the option for in-house web design, including responsive design which adapts to different screen resolutions for a variety of devices from mobiles to tablets. LiTHe offer web developmentinternet marketing services and much more.

LiTHe’s process involved User Centric Design and Agile Development to ensure the site was built for the people who will be using it.

cul-de-sac  partnered with LiTHe® to deliver this website. cul-de-sac is a place where thoughtful and engaging ideas are realised in collaboration with like-minded clients, agencies, studios and creatives. 


This website was designed to be viewed in screen resolutions ranging from 320px to 1024px wide. Font sizes for html (non image) text can be increased via browser settings if required.

All HTML is semantic and meets as many W3C standards as is practical. As a result the website should display correctly in all recent versions of modern browsers.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view .pdf documents.