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Nurturing tomorrow, today.

As Australia’s string quartet, we proudly and continuously strive to cultivate a rich and inclusive musical culture in Australia.

As the ASQ embarks on its 32nd year, we enthusiastically look to the future and embrace the changes that are shaping the world around us. We recognise the need to engage new audiences, to broaden our channels of connection, to deepen our commitment to regional audiences and continue to deliver more educational programs which challenge and inspire the next generation.

As champions of Australian music, we are also passionately committed to celebrating and promoting our country’s very own music makers and creating opportunities for international cultural exchange.

It has been your support that has led the ASQ to where it is today. And it is only through your support that we can achieve our vision for tomorrow. Your donation will ensure we can continue to thrive; it will enable us to remain a meaningful and relevant contributor to the arts, to Australia’s unique culture and to our everyday lives.

Your support will help to nurture a musical legacy.

Please donate today. For more information or to donate via telephone, please call 1800 040 444.